Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My trip to Pondicherry-Away from the monotony


This is the first time I am blogging and just wanted to share a few of my experiences (rather a refreshing one) on my trip to Pondicherry or rather trying to run away from the boredom of working my back side out and the monotony of the same regimental life of getting in front of your PC coming straight from home.

We were a group of 17 on our sojourn to a place called Mahabalipuram about 50 Km from the city of Chennai. The trip started off with a wonderful feeling on all our minds that we are not getting back to office the next day. Around 11 AM we reached this wonderful place called Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram that was once under the rule of the Pallava Kingdom and still stands as a landmark for the greatest and wondorous sculptors of the pallava regime.

All of us were amazed to see the sculptures made out of single pieces of rock, carved into images of a huge elephant, the five rathas and one of the ancient seven wonders of the world "the seven pagodas" (of course nature's wrath has left us with just one of the seven and the rest are under the sea). This magnificient piece of work on this earth has turned this place to be named the Shore Temple.

All of us were in no mood to leave the place, but then our internal organs wouldn't let us just like that and we had no choice but to leave for snacking on some lunch arranged elsewhere.

A kilometer's travel from the magnificient site would take you to a place called Temple Bay Restaurant. Well!!! Well!!! Well!!!, this place is another heaven (well I have my own reasons for calling it that). The sun was scorching, but we did have a few birds sunbathing on the beach just beside the hotel and it made us (the men crowd of course) feel cool even when the temperature was around 27-30 degree celcius. Again I should say, we were forced to sit at the lunch table when the fairer sex found us bird watching and were in fact getting a little irritated about it.

Okay, so reluctantly all of us went in and here too we had a different kind of bird on our plates, cooked ones of course and we sat down to hog on and on and on and on and finally decided it was enough as we did not want crows to perch on our lips peking at food when we open our mouths wide open to yawn.

The bus that was to take us on our trip to Pondicherry was ready and we all were feeling like fully fed Anaconda. The bus was off to Pondicherry with 12 Anacondas in it trying to digest the birds that had gone in just a few minutes back.

Will continue later.........................

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